2go2guys was founded in 2016 and are based in Sydney.

2go2guys Pty Ltd originated from one of the principals at a Sydney Catholic School where the principal had a variety of issues with services in the school ie. plumbing, painting, carpets… The principal contacted us and asked if we could assist with any of these tasks. The answer was yes to all of them. The principal stated ‘You are the 2go2guy!’ and this was the birth of the name 2go2guys.

We take care of the project from conception to completion. We are reliable and work safely and efficiently to continually deliver projects on budget and on time.

Our team is one of immense talent with a variety of skilled tradespersons with the capacity to deliver your project.

We are 100% dedicated to continuously improving our business to ensure we enhance your project experience with us.

24/7 service and rapid response time to all worksites to ensure that a failure of any services can be rectified and have your facilities up and running with minimal disruption.
Competitive pricing to ensure to you we are cost effective during weekdays, nights and weekends.

To deliver first quality materials, conforming with relevant regulations, the appropriate tools, correct tradesman to deliver projects fit for purpose.

Seamless delivery of projects throughout the educational sector without compromising on the environment or safety.

Holds our team accountable for their actions
Take Ownership – be accountable for your actions and be responsible for your outcomes
Display Leadership – motivate self and others to succeed and make it happen
Bring Your Best Self – authentic, genuine and honest
Choose Your Attitude – find something to be grateful for
Work Safe – go home safe

We are contractors specialising in working within the educational sector and working on residential projects. Each day we liaise with our clients in the old fashioned way – face-to-face. We are putting the meaning back in the word service through our quality of work and the use of best materials. Aren’t those the things you have been looking for?